Civil Rights

Inside the White House, Trump has done his best to see to it that his promises to change the very things that give us our national identity are subverted in favor of right wing and authoritarian ideology. The principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are being openly mocked, and attempts to erode our most basic freedoms and impose a new order are underway.

For so many Americans who have been on the receiving end of misogyny, racism, discrimination and economic deprivation, life has always included these degrading and demoralizing experiences. What has shocked so many Americans – even in his own party and even among his supporters – is how glaringly out in the open it is and how recklessly it is being applied. No longer can people look away and pretend these realities don’t exist. Not any more. In the words of Martin Niemoller, they’re coming for all of us now.

We cannot simply denounce the unrelenting assault on our right to vote, assemble, speak… to simply live in the skins we were born in; we must act, and we must be fiercely united in doing so. More than ever, we need to lead on issues that go beyond “identity” politics and demonstrate that we understand how “an injury to one is an injury to all.” Attacks on Muslims are attacks on women. Attacks on our environment are attacks on collective bargaining. Attacks on health care are attacks on public education.

If we, California Democrats, are to be the heart of the Resistance, then our approach must be intersectional – not only in optics, but in deed. We must invest our time and resources in collective organizing around the wide swath of social justice issues that touch us all – only then, can we unite the diverse base that we call the Democratic Party.