Fellows and Internship Programs

When we started this campaign, we decided to live out the creed:  Don’t talk; Show.

Continuing to put our money where our mouth is, Team KE is proud to announce our Organizing Fellowship and “Future Icon” Intern Programs.

The 21st Century will be built and grown by our youth. It’s time our Party create new and meaningful opportunities for students and young organizers, connecting politics to their daily lives and finding rewarding ways for them to begin working inside the California Democratic Party.

Organizing Fellowship
Working alongside their respective Regional Campaign Director, our Organizing Fellows are the extra muscle in our outreach and whip operations. Our Fellows will participate in a mini organizing boot camp - accompanied by paid, part-time organizing work. In addition to their $1000 scholarship, fellows who are delegates will also receive reimbursement for dues and registrations fees.

Future Icons (Interns)
Now more than ever, Democrats need to engage young people in organizing both inside and outside out of the Party. What better way to bring young people into our Party than by participating at our very own state convention. Team KE is recruiting a large host of young activists from high schools, junior, community and four-year college campuses, and technical and trade schools to come participate in our campaign’s convention activities and encouraging their participation in our public meetings and caucuses.

Click here (pdf) to learn more about these opportunities.

Democratically yours,