Health Care

I’ve always supported single-payer healthcare without compromise – that is why I was the endorsed candidate for the CDP Chair’s race in 2017. It’s past time for the U.S. to join every major industrialized country on Earth and provide true guaranteed healthcare for all Americans – yes, healthcare is a human right! If we are serious about passing single payer (Medicare for All), protecting women’s health care, reducing prescription drug costs, supporting our seniors and most economically vulnerable, we must clean up our own house first: we must deny the influence of Big Pharma and the medical insurance industry in our healthcare policy-making. Only then can we be seriously believed when we say we will deliver the only morally just healthcare system for all Californians, which is a single-payer system.

As Party Chair, I would use my position to be an outspoken advocate both in and out of the CDP, making statements and appearing in hearings, at public events, both at the state and national level. I would also call upon all of the delegates of the Party to be actively involved in bringing pressure on policymakers and to engage in community outreach efforts in the name of the Party.

Yes, the ACA has made healthcare accessible to more people, the fact remains that the ACA system is still based on a for-profit system with 41 million people underinsured – and that’s on top of the fact that 28 million people are still without any kind of health coverage at all. The health insurance industry will always be driven by profits and not by the delivery of care. Only an improved Medicare for all can guarantee healthcare based on patient need.

Eliminating private insurance, high premiums, co-pays and deductibles associated with a greedy for-profit system will save families thousands of dollars; free up millions for businesses, increase wages for workers, and save hundreds of billions for taxpayers. In addition, if we are to ever imagine an improvement in retirement security as well as cost of living adjustments, we must implement a single payer system. The time to act is NOW!