Our Delegate Outreach Plan

Just like any other voter, delegates have various preferences for how they interact with candidates seeking Party office or endorsement. Some want a phone call, others compare candidates at forums and there are those who won’t make up their minds until they’ve read every email and heard the final speech.

Delegates, like all voters, should expect us to meet them where they’re at. We know a “one-size-fits-all” approach for every delegate isn’t just a bad strategy, it’s also a bit insulting.

Our campaign is committed to providing multiple ways for delegates to connect with us and learn about our vision for the Party. Below are some of the outreach programs we’ll be rolling out over the next 14 weeks.

Of course, these will be in addition to the various forums and meeting events we’re invited to and able to attend - but here’s what we’re committed to doing (from our end) to ensure our campaign connects with every delegate.

Scheduled Calls

Got a burning question that can’t wait? As I work my way through calling the roughly 3600 delegates, I want each of you to know my commitment to being accessible and transparent.

Delegates can proactively schedule a time to talk by emailing us at the following address: schedule@voteforkimberly.org - or if it’s pressing, text/call me directly at (310) 975-9677; otherwise, one of our Regional Campaign Directors or myself will be reaching out to schedule one-on-one calls.

Digital Workshops

From bylaw reforms to more efficient ADEM elections to better supporting the work of our Caucuses, delegates have a lot of great ideas. We recognize that delegates don’t want to just be told what ideas the new Chair will implement, many also want an opportunity to give feedback and input on some of their OWN ideas, many of which have been in the works for quite some time.

During the month of March, our campaign will be hosting small-group, virtual workshops on a wide variety of specific topics so delegates can share and discuss their ideas directly and hear from me on these specific suggestions.

In the Neighborhood

Three words: Quality-not-Quantity. Our campaign believes in investing quality time building community as opposed to gimmicky campaign trail timelines. To address the sheer geographic size of California and the importance of spending meaningful time discussing the specific needs of each region, our campaign will be spending the entire month of April and the first part of May on the road.

We’ll be dedicating approximately two weeks in each of our campaign’s four regions so that we have an opportunity to spend meaningful time in-community and in-conversation, not just with delegates, but also with other grassroots activists and longtime Party volunteers.