Our Vision

Substance. Style. Solidarity. A 21st Century Democratic Party

Today’s California Democratic Party must do more... be more... mean more... in the lives of everyday voters. No longer can we be simply focused on winning elections; we have a responsibility to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity for progressive change that moves everyone forward together.


The California Democratic Party cannot merely stand for obtuse and broad social value statements. We have an obligation to take on substantive work addressing policy changes in Medicare-for-All, Prop 13 Reform, the Green New Deal and so much more.


Style isn’t simply visual and verbal window dressing. It’s our approach in tone, delivery and aesthetic. If we don’t evolve to meet the times, be willing to meet people where they’re at, and make the CDP meaningful and yes, cool, our Party will become irrelevant.


For far too long, we on the Left have segregated ourselves by issue: Pro-choice, Environmental, Black, LGBTQ+, Labor, etc. We label ourselves and others in a way that divides us, meanwhile the other side is united in philosophy. While having genuine respect for the rich diversity of identities that make up our Party, it’s time to rededicate ourselves to finding common ground and creating a new era of solidarity - understanding that we’re all in this together.