Kimberly Ellis for California Democratic Party Chair

Kimberly Ellis for California Democratic Party Chair - 21st Century Chair for a 21st Century Party

Our Vision: Substance. Style. Solidarity.

Today’s California Democratic Party must do more... be more... mean more... in the lives of everyday voters.


The California Democratic Party cannot merely stand for obtuse and broad social value statements.

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Style isn’t simply visual and verbal window dressing. It’s our approach in tone, delivery and aesthetic.

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For far too long, we on the Left have segregated ourselves by issue: Pro-choice, Environmental, Black, LGBTQ+, Labor, etc.

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Our Priorities

As Chair of the California Democratic Party, there are four specific priorities for the remaining two years of the term: Culture Change, Hold Electoral Gains from 2018, Prepare for 2020 Presidential Primary & Take Back White House

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